Introduction: Aging Skin

Cosmetic injection treatments are not always about turning back the clock, they can be more about making the clock tick slower, and maintaining a fresh and healthy complexion for longer. Anti-wrinkle injections are suitable for men and women seeking to minimise the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. Anti-wrinkle injections act on the muscles beneath the skin, relaxing them and allowing the grooves and ridges that develop in the face with age to smooth themselves out. Dermal fillers are suitable for men and women who feel happy with the way they currently look and simply want to postpone the onset of wrinkles and loss of volume that comes with age.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Procedure Information: Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Starting in our late 20s and early 30s the skin’s ability to protect itself begins to decrease as our lifestyle begins to take its toll on our physical appearance. Natural ageing, sun exposure, diet and facial expressions cause lines and wrinkles that become more visible with the passing of time.

  • Medical approach to anti-wrinkle treatments and solutions
  • Artistic treatments which provide convincing results

Anti-Wrinkle injections are an effective, non-surgical muscle relaxant that allow the skin and collagen to repair. Also known as botulinum toxin, these cosmetic injectables have the best results when used as a preventative measure, but can also be used to reduce the severity of existing visible wrinkles.

The main areas of the face that can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections include: Frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet, eyebrow lift, puckering lines above and below the lips, the ‘bunny smile lines’ at the top of the nose , to reduce a ‘gummy smile’, to lift sagging at the side of the mouth, to improve chin creases and dimpling, to lift and tighten a sagging neck (Platysmal muscle), to slim the lower face (Masseter muscles).

Dermal Fillers

Procedure Information: Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are an excellent treatment to restore volume and plumpness to your lips, chin, cheeks and jawline, and under your eyes, nose and even your hands. In some cases, fillers can even be used to improve the appearance of mild scarring.

  • The perfect, long-lasting alternative to surgical Facelifting that benefits the skin and provides instant results

Fillers are administered via tiny injections into your skin, they are fast and easy, and the results are visible instantly. Hyaluronic acid, is the main ingredient in Dermal Fillers and is very effective in minimising facial wrinkles and folds. The hyaluronic acid contained in fillers is called ‘non-animal stabilised hyaluronic acid’ (NASHA), because it is not derived from animal sources and is ideal for vegans. Naturally present in the skin, hyaluronic acid is essential for keeping your skin hydrated, smooth and toned.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisturising agent and gives your skin volume and plumpness, providing a smoother contour to your face. When injected into wrinkled skin, hyaluronic acid adds fullness to your tissues, and reduces the prominence of wrinkles and folds. As it attracts and binds water to itself, hyaluronic acid helps to keep your skin hydrated and adds volume where it is needed. Dermal Fillers are quite safe and simply replace the hyaluronic acid in your skin, which is lost naturally over time. This loss of hyaluronic acid is one of the reasons that your skin ages, resulting in a lack of moisture and loss of definition. With a reduction in hyaluronic acid, your skin becomes very dry and fragile with wrinkles appearing, a loss of definition along your jawline, your skin sags, your cheeks look hollow, and your face simply loses its well defined shape. Graece apeirian mnesarchum nec et, pri vituperata mediocritatem eu, ei suas definiebas eam.

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